Vaccines and the Old Energy

The shake-up arrived and maybe in ways few could see coming. Regardless of what is perceived as real or unreal, humanity is entering a different age, moving from the Piscean into the Aquarian. These epochs have their own distinct energies, and the world reconfigures itself, not without a lot of chaotic change in the in-between times.

Many people, because of the fear associated with SARS-CoV-2, are clamoring for something to save them—drugs, a vaccine that will “prevent” infection, physical distancing from others, a hunker-down mentality, a great “othering” and a level of judgmentality I’d only seen glimpses of previously. Maybe the last time was after September 11, 2001, when broad “othering” and judgment were directed toward people who practice Islam. A “war” on terrorism then. A “war” on viruses now, even though we coevolved with viruses, even though we need them.

I was pondering vaccines the other day with a friend, simply based on what a vaccine is—how it gains entrance into the body, most often by direct injection, sometimes by inhalation.

Direct injection has been purported as a way to confer immunity. Yet how can that be, when it bypasses those bodily barriers meant to prohibit the “not me” from entering until the body’s sentinels have sampled what’s entering? Would we not be far better off, actually, rather than spending billions of dollars on vaccines and enriching some, to provide, say, farmers who align themselves with the specific ecologies where they work to grow the most nutritious food possible and provision people with that? To turn to plant-medicine makers to help us support our bodies in the best way possible?

Maybe I’m singing to the choir, but the choir sometimes needs its own support, when it feels like it has the only set of voices out there, yet is trying to raise the spirits of others or call attention to what needs attention.

The Old Energy, the energy we are in the journey of leaving, certainly was amplified through processes developed during and after the Industrial Revolution, even though that energy pre-dates the Industrial Revolution. Lots of ancient sunlight embedded in these times, something we as a species were not around to witness develop, so therefore, have no track record with. Our collective body has, only in the last 400 to 500 years, gained any sense of what that energy is and we still struggle with it, maybe in the same way the body struggles with eating an overly rich dessert.

I struggle with it. I enjoy going fast—driving fast, skating fast, movement. “More. Better. Faster.” Motto for an era. Cracking hydrocarbons has gained us much and I’d be the last person to deny that that has had benefits. If nothing else, it has allowed certain paths of creativity that we as a species perhaps had not experienced before. But it also engendered its own energy of shortcuts. But shortcuts built into a system rarely provide the longevity, staying power. The shortcuts pile up, ending eventually in a knotty mass of chaos.

Vaccines are shortcuts. Ultimately, even those of us who have not suffered any apparent or immediate adverse effects from vaccines are left to wonder whether those effects have simply had a longer timeline and resulted, combined with other dings on our health, in chronic disease, such as cancer or heart disease, or long-term, entrenched autoimmune disorders, like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Improved sanitation too often is the unsung hero in prolonging life and reducing infectious illnesses.

Intelligent farming practices and knowledge of plants, what they do and how they support other plants and animals, including humans—these take generations of people to learn and to refine. In my knowledge of how humans acquired knowledge of plants, there were no shortcuts. There were long, involved conversations, of humans with plants. Lots of phenomenological observations by humans, of plants, of other animals and how they interacted with plants. Honoring of what is sacred in life. Honoring of different others. But because of shortcuts and emphasis on profits over health, it’s only been recently, that non-indigenous people have started to learn and rebuild these skills. (Crises have a way of forcing us to return to these sacred roots—whether victory gardens during World War II or, now again, concerns about food supply lines prompting people to get their hands into the soil to provide for themselves, their families and others.

The fact is, there is no shortcut to good health. There are shortcuts to diminished health, which may take just a generation or two to manifest. Fortunately, it can take just a generation or two to begin to rebuild.

We as a species are at a fork. One fork offers us further shortcuts—drugs, vaccines, more of the same rush-rush-rush, with most of humanity left out. The other fork is the slow path, but the one that, ultimately and paradoxically, will be “faster”—because it relies more on us to seek within, confront our own darkness, greet our own light, accept them, work with them, move out to that field that Rumi spoke of, the one beyond right and wrong, beyond dualities.

Vaccines are part of that world, of dualities. If you decline them, “you’re against us.” If you take them, you may be continuing to take a “Puri-tyrannical” tack, as my friend put it, continuing in the paradigm that reduces the body to something to be manipulated, rather than, as with the rest of nature, acknowledging the body’s intelligence and granting it its due.

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