Sacred Plant Traditions

Kathleen Maier is an herbalist, physician’s assistant, wise teacher and wonderful woman. She offers a three-year community herbalist program, which includes plant medicine-making, materia medica, anatomy/physiology, pathophysiology, and hands-on clinic along with much shorter plant medicine classes. And every Beltane, she and her group of kitchen and event goddesses put on the Gaia Gathering for Women just outside Charlottesville. Check out what she’s doing here.

1 thought on “Sacred Plant Traditions

  1. Kathleen, i am very interested in learning all of what you are offering. i have been pulled with burning disire for years to study and have,with books,internet,etc my youngest 16 and 15 yr old dtrs will be leaving the nest soon and i would like to start classes,workshops,so when they go to collage i can be ready to get started. i already use essential oils,make bar lotions,body scrubs,i used cocunut oil,braggs vinager with the mother have a few remadys for earaches,rashes, ready to move further in my learning.i live in southeast texas 80 miles to houston,can plan to get to austin,san antonio,san marcus.
    i also need to refind my goddess self, i am depleted, in running a home and raising 4 children iv lost me somewhere.
    i would appreciate any thoughts suggestions assistance
    ~blessed be~
    dorothy hevrin

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